May 232013

boxingDutchess County’s premier boxing program at Precision Mixed Martial Arts in Lagrangeville, New York is growing at an exponential rate due to renovations, and expert instructors.  We see new faces walking in the doors every day and can only attribute this to the many progressive changes we have made in all areas of our business.

As of just a few weeks ago Precision MMA in Dutchess County made a number of renovations to improve our facility which have had a direct impact on our boxing program.  Our boxers had originally had an impressive 3,500 square feet of training space, which has now been increased to a staggering 4,000 feet.  This allows our boxers much more room in which to spar without fear of collision with other students.  We have also added a speed bag to our training tools which has been getting much use amongst our boxers who have upcoming fights and are looking to improve their punching speed and reaction time.  In addition to this, we also have a double end bag, a maze bag, an uppercut bag, a heavy bag, a long bag and a human-torso shaped bob-bag which all have specific uses.  Our 20 by 20 foot boxing ring is of excellent quality and located conveniently near the heavy bags and the focus mitts which also get a great deal of usage. 

Dutchess County’s best boxing program at Precision MMA also has several excellent instructors, all of whom have competition experience and unique teaching styles.  Our head boxing instructor Derrick Ohlhoff is himself a 3 times Golden Gloves boxing champion with over twenty amateur fights under his belt who has several years of coaching experience and who has trained with top boxers Brian Barbosa and Zuri Lawrence, the latter of whom was a training partner for none other than Evander Holyfield and who occasionally trains with us as well.  Derrick is a very patient instructor who has worked with everyone from pros to amateurs to beginners and has a great sense of humor which keeps his classes entertaining.  Another one of our boxing coaches, Jon Russo, is himself an experienced amateur boxer and who is very unique in his teaching style.  Because Jon has also cross trained in martial arts such as Taekwondo and Jeet Kune Do he has a very self-defense minded approach to his boxing instruction which is somewhat different from the typical sport boxing coach.  Jon is equally adept at instructing students preparing for upcoming boxing matches and teaching boxing techniques which might be more useful for the street even if they are not legal in competition and this gives his students a sense of confidence that they might be more able to defend themselves in a violent attack.  Jon Joy is also another great coach we employ who is particularly good at outlining the finer points of boxing technique such as foot work and head movement.

The reasons for the growth of Precision MMA’s boxing program in Dutchess County are clear:  excellent instructors with different teaching styles, an improved facility with extra training space and all of the amenities anyone could want are a winning formula.  Come try us out for 30 free days and learn the sweet science from the very best. 

Dutchess County MMA

Dutchess County Boxing

Precision MMA is currently offering a 30-Day FREE trial for new members.  If you’re interested in learning self-defense, getting into shape, and training with the best in the area, then stop in at 1097 Route 55, Lagrangeville, NY or call us at 845-392-8495.  Don’t forget to ask about our free trial and intro lesson!

Jamey Bazes is a lifelong martial artist holding a brown belt in both Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Kenpo Karate.  He also holds a master’s degree from SUNY New Paltz.  He is a student of Precision Mixed Martial Arts in LaGrange, NY (near Poughkeepsie) and a decorated competitor including a Delaware Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu State Championship and a NAGA World Title.  To train with Jamey in Poughkeepsie NY check out Precision MMA

Feb 102013

Boxing classes in LaGrange, NY 

Boxing Classes LaGrange, NY

The sweet science of Boxing is finally available to students in LaGrange, NY!  Precision MMA has a full sized ring, several heavy bags and world class boxing instructors to guide you through your boxing journey.

The boxing program at Precision Mixed Martial Arts is always growing in popularity, attracting a wide variety of students, including men, women, and teens. The boxing classes at Precision are top notch, and the students are truly benefiting from them. Primarily taught by Jon Russo and Derrick Ohlhoff, both coaches give great instruction in a patient, and constructive manner and are a large contributing factor to why the Precision MMA boxing classes in LaGrange, NY are always so well attended!

Precision Mixed Martial Arts boxing classes produce results.

There’s a reason why the boxing program at Precision is so popular: it produces the results that the students desire. Those that were overweight have shed pounds and gotten back into shape. Those that wanted to gain confidence are now walking with newfound self respect. Those that wanted to learn self defense can now feel safe when alone. And those that wanted to learn to fight are honing their skills to step into the ring. Boxing classes in LaGrange, NY at Precision have already produced several champions, the newest being AKBF 160lb. boxing champ from LaGrange, NY John Joy!


If you want to take part in the exceptional boxing classes at Precision Mixed Martial Arts, then come in for a FREE 30 day trial today!

You, too, can gain from the benefits of boxing classes in LaGrange, NY at Precision, and you can start on the right path with our ABSOLUTELY FREE 30 day trial offer! Go online to today to start your free trial and take part in boxing classes at Precision Mixed Martial Arts in LaGrange, NY today!

Boxing Classes in LaGrange, NY



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