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Poughkeepsie MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

Precision MMA Movie Review
“The Smashing Machine”

The Smashing Machine offers a look at the sport of mixed martial arts from the perspective of Mark Kerr.  A juggernaut of a man, Kerr was at one point the most feared man in the sport of MMA.  The film’s title is an allusion to the nickname Kerr earned while fighting in Brazil and completely mauling the competition.  Kerr is a throwback from the time of true no holds barred.  When he began his career bouts were contested bareknuckle, tactics such as headbutts were not only legal but encouraged.  The filmmakers travel deep into Kerr’s psyche and expose his inner most fear, strength, gameness and vulnerability. This is definitely an intense film, but a must see for all Poughkeepsie MMA fans.

                Kerr entered mixed martial arts (MMA) as a champion wrestler who was always one step away from realizing his Olympic dream.  He fought not for the competition or inner satisfaction, but rather out of a sense of desperation.  He had invested his entire life in a sport that offered no monetary reward.  He saw fighting as a way to make money off his wrestling skills.  Despite being a Goliath, Kerr speaks of the intense anxiety that overcame him before his first bout.  His nerves were so uncontrollable he couldn’t even keep down a glass of water.  The only sensation which outweighs the fear of the fight is the thrill of victory.  Kerr talks about being ignited by the roar of the crowd and the high of winning.  Kerr would go on to win the UFC title and find success in Pride.  Kerr was so imposing that, on multiple occasions, after he hit his opponents they would crawl out of the ring and refuse to fight him.  He didn’t simply make them quit, they ran for their life. 

                However, despite his pugilistic omnipotence in the ring, outside Kerr is a soft spoken and timid man plagued by deep seeded personal demons.  The wear and tear of training and accumulation lifetime of injuries leaves Kerr with a sever painkiller addiction, one that nearly takes his life.  The cameras are rolling when friends gather at Kerr’s bedside, following an overdose, begging him to stop his destructive lifestyle. 

                The film shows Kerr as a sympathetic character whose life is a tumultuous swing from extraordinary successes to devastating lows.   The film’s climax is the Pride Open Weight Grand Prix where Mark will be competing for a grand prize of $200,000. However, in order to win he knows he may have to go up against his best friend and training partner – Mark Coleman.

                The Smashing Machine is a must see for true fight enthusiasts. For Poughkeepsie MMA fans it shows the ugly side of fighting, past the glitz and glamor or stardom, the true grind.  Kerr deals with training partners not showing up, fights getting cancelled and rules being broken.  He struggles with his diabetes and endless laundry list of injuries.  He shows how overwhelmingly stressful a fight can be and crazy girlfriends and personal demons run rampant once fight time approaches.  He reveals that no matter how confident, strong, or well prepared a fighter may seem on the surface they are haunted by thoughts of inadequacy, self-doubt and fear.

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Poughkeepsie MMA




Dec 202012

Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offers classes in what is considered by many to be the finest martial art, for self-defense in the very least, ever created.  Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu gives you access to the most exciting, unique and effective styles of martial arts.  Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an art that has been around for nearly a century and has proven time and again to be one of the most realistic arts in its preparation of combatants.
Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an art that has it’s roots in Japanese grappling style Judo.  Judo, while still effective, has become very centered on sport and less on self-defense.  Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has taken aspects of Judo and expanded them and really worked on areas that have been neglected by many traditional martial arts.  What happens when a fight gets taken to the ground?  What if someone larger or stronger fights me? What if someone gets on top of me and starts teeing off?  These questions are not fun to contemplate, but they are necessary for anyone who takes self-defense seriously.  Unfortunately many Martial Arts have no answer for these obstacles.  Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can answer these questions, in fact that is what Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has as a primary focus. 

Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu teaches the core principles of BJJ.  The proper application of leverage is the only way a smaller and weaker opponent can defeat a larger and stronger one.  In classes at Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the students are put into real fight situations.  In a safe and instructive manner you will learn how to work your way out of many bad situations.  You will learn to not only be safe in bad spots, but to have a certain level of comfort there. 

Dutchess County Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu offers a FREE 30 day trial and private lesson. Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at precisionmma@gmail.com or go to www.poughkeepsiebrazilianjiu-jitsu.com. 
Dec 172012

Poughkeepsie Muay Thai is a fun and exciting way to lose weight fast.  The fast paced work outs at Poughkeepsie Muay Thai will have you shedding the pounds in no time.  Poughkeepsie Muay Thai is designed to help you not only get in shape, but stay in shape.  Poughkeepsie Muay Thai can be the kind of workout and routine that can get you on the path to permanent fitness.  Poughkeepsie Muay Thai is the solution for individuals who are tired of the typical gym experience and need a new way of accomplishing goals. 

Pleasant Valley Martial Arts

Poughkeepsie Muay Thai

Poughkeepsie Muay Thai is a class that teaches a style of kickboxing created in Thailand.  It is a style that is old, but is still used in modern competitions the world over.  Muay Thai is considered among the most effective styles of striking.  Poughkeepsie Muay Thai is the best gym in the area if you want to learn or eventually fight Muay Thai.  The classes are held in Poughkeepsie Muay Thai’s spacious gym near Arlington High School.  A few classes into your time at Poughkeepsie Muay Thai you will understand the benefits you can derive from even a few months of training.

The classes at Poughkeepsie Muay Thai are both fast paced and instructive.  A typical class at Poughkeepsie Muay Thai starts with five to ten minutes of warmups and stretching.  After that techniques are shown and students work on them for the bulk of the class.  At the end of class the conditioning gets kicked into gear and you start doing cardio workouts that are centered on Muay Thai techniques. The class ends with some encouragement from the instructor and stretching. 

One class at Poughkeepsie Muay Thai will make you understand how different it is from a typical gym experience and how these differences can be to your benefit.  Instead of leaving you to your own devices, a teacher is there to guide you and ensure both your growth and safety.  Instead of people showing off or staring at themselves in the mirror, you will have training partners that work with you and can become good friends.  Poughkeepsie Muay Thai has a culture and a direction that are conducive to you getting in shape and staying in shape. 

Come in today and try Poughkeepsie Muay Thai.  A FREE 30 day trial and private lesson are offered to prospective students.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at precisionmma@gmail.com or go to www.poughkeepsiemuaythai.com.

Dec 172012

Pleasant Valley Martial Arts

Pleasant Valley Martial Arts offers all the benefits of traditional Martial Arts with the advances in self-defense available to a modern Mixed Martial Arts fighter.  Pleasant Valley Martial Arts is the areas premier Mixed Martial Arts gym and has a qualified staff and state of the art facilities.  Pleasant Valley Martial Arts is located near Arlington High School and has a schedule that can fit into anyone’s busy day.  Pleasant Valley Martial Arts can offer a great path to personal success and fitness.
Pleasant Valley Martial Arts

Pleasant Valley Martial Arts

The martial arts are one of the best ways to hone your mind into a well oiled and disciplined machine.  The traditional martial arts are great in achieving goals like self-control, confidence and becoming more goal oriented. Pleasant Valley Martial Arts can offer all these benefits as well.  Pleasant Valley Martial Arts can become a place where you consistently learn to work towards goals and in working towards those goals learn self-control and gain confidence. 

The traditional martial arts are viewed as a way to discipline the mind and body.  They can certainly do that, but often times the claims they make about self-defense are exaggerated or just outright fabricated.  These claims can be very dangerous to a student if they try defend themselves or others in a real street fight.  Pleasant Valley Martial Arts teaches Mixed Martial Arts.  All the arts involved with MMA are tested and work in a real fight.  A trained MMA fighter would be the absolute worst person to try and pick a fight with.   Pleasant Valley Martial Arts understands the importance of the application of the techniques it teaches in real fights.  Your life could literally be on the line and false or even exaggerated claims cannot be thrown around without regard.  Pleasant Valley Martial Arts is going to keep you focused on real fights.  Throughout a lesson at Pleasant Valley Martial Arts the instructor will show moves that will help you end or get away from a street fight with minimal damage to yourself.

Come in today and try Pleasant Valley Martial Arts for FREE 30 days.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at precisionmma@gmail.com or go to www.poughkeepsiemartialarts.com.
Dec 132012

Lagrange Family Martial Arts is a place that many families go to to promote bonding over shared interest.  Many people look to the martial arts as a way of bettering themselves.  Lagrange Family Martial Arts is great because it does not cater to just children or just adults.  All ages ranges have found a home in the classes at Lagrange Family Martial ArtsLagrange Family Martial Arts has a schedule with classes seven days a week that is designed to allow a family to come in and train without getting in the way of important activities like school and work.  Families that come in to Lagrange Family Martial Arts can spend this valuable free time together in a safe, family friendly and inviting environment that promotes learning.

agrange Family Martial Artsagrange Family Martial ArtsLagrange Family Martial Arts

agrange Family Martial Artsagrange Family Martial ArtsLagrange Family Martial Arts

Lagrange Family Martial Arts has children’s classes seven days a week.  Every student is given a chance to excel in the martial arts with the qualified instructors that will give your children the one-on-one attention necessary for learning.  The kid’s program will instill and nurture important values in your child such as being goal oriented, maintaining high levels of physical fitness, discipline, determination, focus and respect for authority.  These essential lessons can be learned by a child while their parents are also going on their own martial arts journey.  This shared experience will deepen the impact and really reenforce the importance of what the children are learning. 

Time spent around caring and mindful adults is one of the most important influences in a child’s socialization and development. Children who lack proper supervision are far more likely to get into trouble and have similar problems as an adult. Many experts point to lack of proper adult supervision as the number one predictor of juvenile delinquency.  Children cannot be expected to make wise or informed decisions, but the habits they form as children will follow them into their adult years.  If a child looks to deviant peer groups or negative role models, their already shortsighted decision-making can become simply scary. People talk about role models and how hard it can be to find a positive one.  Reliance on some distant and aloof sports star or paparazzi-hounded pop singer as a role model leaves to much to chance.  A child must often be shown the right path, at least initially, and can’t be expected to know who will fail them and who will be a positive influence in their life.  Children should ideally be looking to their parents and teachers as the real role models.  The hectic schedule of a modern family can leave little time for the strengthening of these important societal bonds.  Time must be set aside to forge these essential Familial links. 

Lagrange Family Martial Arts provides a setting that can have your child consistently engaged in positive activities under the tutelage of knowledgeable and caring instructors.  Instead of spending their free time playing video games, hanging out or surfing the internet, they will be in an environment that encourages good citizenship and reenforces the kind of constructive socialization that is necessary for a happy and successful adult life.  Lagrange Family Martial Arts will be a place that your child can attend regularly and with enthusiasm. 

Come into Lagrange Family Martial Arts today and try our FREE 30 day trial and private lesson.  Lagrange Family Martial Arts has  so much to offer you and your children.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at precisionmma@gmail.com or go to lagrangemartialarts.com.

Dec 122012

Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness

Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness has created a workout routine that is designed to combat problems that are endemic to women’s fitness.  Most women’s fitness programs are gimmicky and are trends that die out and leave people without real and sustained weight loss.  To fight these problems that pervade a culture you must change the culture.  Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness is a program that blends new and old techniques.  It takes tested workouts and blends them with new approaches that create this unique blend that can only be found at Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness
Pleasant Valley Women's Fitness

Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness

Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness understands that health is not a short term goal.  The gains made towards improving your overall health need to be sustainable in order for them to matter at all.  Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness has been created to make long term health the primary goal.   With that in mind Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness has made a program that holds your interest on a more intellectual level while also giving you a great workout.  New workouts are being incorporated with every new class to keep your mind and your body stimulated.  This constant learning will keep you mentally engaged in a way not many other programs could.  The new workout techniques also don’t let your body get settle into a comfort zone,  they constantly activate new muscle groups and keep you from plateauing.  Results will be a constant and will not drop off after a few weeks. 

Come in to Pleasant Valley Women’s Fitness today and get a FREE week of training.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at precisionmma@gmail.com or go to poughkeepsiefitness.com.
Dec 122012

Millbrook Women’s Fitness

Millbrook Women’s Fitness is different from your typical workout routine.  Many other routines have been designed for women, fewer have been designed by women for women and even fewer have been created by women with years of personal training and martial arts experience.  Millbrook Women’s Fitness is a routine that was created by not only a qualified personal trainer, but a martial artist who has amateur fights under her belt.  Jenny Vitetta, Millbrook Women’s Fitness’ head instructor, has created a new and exciting blend that will get you on the path to long term fitness. 
Millbrook Women's Fitness

Millbrook Women’s Fitness

Millbrook Women’s Fitness is created with respect to the idea that long term health and lifestyle choices are more important than attending a few classes and quitting.  Millbrook Women’s Fitness is  there to provide you with a new path to this long term success.  Sustainable gains in health and overall fitness and a change in the culture of women’s fitness is what Millbrook Women’s Fitness is striving for. 

Jenny Vitetta has been working as a personal trainer for many years and understands where workout plans and diets fail.  She has also been apart of amazing success stories.  Jenny is also an accomplished martial artist who has been training in many styles.  Millbrook Women’s Fitness is a combination of those two aspects and is quite unique in its approach.  Millbrook Women’s Fitness will not only get you in shape, it will also teach you real self-defense techniques. 

Come in to Millbrook Women’s Fitness Today and try out classes for a week, FREE.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at precisionmma@gmail.com or go to poughkeepsiefitness.com.


Dec 122012

Hyde Park Women’s Fitness

Hyde Park Women’s Fitness offers a great workout for women.  Hyde Park Women’s Fitness has some unique qualities that separate it from other gyms and workouts.  Many of these other places are based off of gimmicky trends and workout crazes.  How money is spent every year on exercise and diet supplements?  How many of those products promise awesome results instantly or with little to no effort?  It is no wonder that so many walk away from these programs with no results or they revert to their old lifestyle in no time.   Many of these workout regimens place little emphasis on changing your lifestyle, it is merely a class that is going to be a short term phase.  This boom and bust cycle of fitness is sometimes more harmful than good.  So the fads and trendy stuff needs to stop.   At the end of it all hard work, exercise, proper dieting and simply showing up is what will get you results that are sustainable.  The trick is making exercise bearable. 
Hyde Park Women's Fitness

Hyde Park Women’s Fitness

Hyde Park Women’s Fitness is taught by Jenny Vitetta.  Jenny is a qualified personal trainer who has years of experience in the field.  Jenny has built the curriculum for Hyde Park Women’s Fitness for the needs of women.  Jenny is constantly thinking of ways to improve and expand the routines and challenge her students.  Jenny has not created a gimmick or conformed to a trend, she has created a blend of both tested workouts and newer approaches that draw on her personal experiences. 

Jenny has trained in the martial arts for years and recently had her first kickboxing fight.  Hyde Park Women’s Fitness students learn real self-defense techniques.  You will be learning moves that would work in an actual confrontation.  This combination of practical application and workout routine creates a unique learning environment that makes the workout more than just tolerable.  In a few classes you will start to see what sets Hyde Park Women’s Fitness apart and why we are the answer to the problems that have been plaguing your fitness routines in the past. 

Try Hyde Park Women’s Fitness and get one FREE week of training.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us precisionmma@gmail.com or go to poughkeepsiefitness.com.
Dec 102012

Lagrange Women’s Fitness Bootcamp

Lagrange Women’s Fitness Bootcamp is the best place to attain physical fitness for women.  Many programs promise results and can get them.  Very few places can keep those results coming for months or years.  Lagrange Women’s Fitness Bootcamp is one of the rare workouts that can keep you on the path to a prolonged and sustainable healthy lifestyle.  The classes are always offering something new and interesting to challenge and motivate students.  Boredom is never in attendance at Lagrange Women’s Fitness Bootcamp. 

Lagrange Women's Fitness BootcampLagrange Women’s Fitness Bootcamp

Lagrange Women’s Fitness Bootcamp’s instructor is Jenny Vitetta.  Jenny has years of experience as a personal trainer.  Jenny also has been training martial arts for years now.  This unique blend of experiences offers you a great opportunity to not only get in shape but to learn self-defense as well.  The variety of workouts you will be doing will target many areas of fitness that are overlooked in a typical gym.  The importance of goals outside of just getting in shape are important.  Self-defense and physical fitness can become complementary goals and can keep you motivated to workout all the time.

So come in today for a FREE week of training and see how fast you start seeing results and start looking forward to going to the gym.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at precisionmma@gmail.com or go to www.poughkeepsiefitness.com.

Dec 062012

Precision MMA Lagrange, New York

Precision MMA Lagrange, New York is the best mixed martial arts gym in the area.  Precision has the best staff, equipment and facilities in the area.  If you have dreams of being an MMA fighter then you need to check out Precision MMA.  Precision MMA Lagrange, New York is your best option for training at any level, from beginner and all the way up to the upper professional echelons of the sport.
Precision MMA Lagrange, New York

Precision MMA Lagrange, New York

Precision MMA Lagrange, New York has classes in all the disciplines necessary to get into MMA.  Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian  Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and wrestling are all taught by our knowledgeable staff.  All of the instructors have years of experience in their arts and many have trained in other arts so they can teach lessons that apply in many areas.  Our staff is headed by Brian McLaughlin who is a veteran Mixed Martial Artist who trains with and instructs professional fighters every week.  This keeps Brian involved with the latest developments that are coming out in the Mixed Martial Arts world.  Many of his students who have learned under him now are achieving their goals of fighting professionally.  Some more established fighters have sought out Brian to train them for high level competition including UFC fights.  In addition to this Precision MMA Lagrange, New York also brings in renowned Mixed Martial Artists to teach seminars and classes.  This influx of learning and techniques consistently adds to the depth of teaching experience available to you at Precision MMA Lagrange, New York.

Precision MMA Lagrange, New York has an amazing facility.  We have tons of bags and mitts to hit, crash pads, a locker room, shower, a sitting area for parents or friends and a full sized boxing ring.  We have the most mat space of any local gym.  This blend of size and equipment allows Precision MMA Lagrange, New York to hold so many classes.  The schedule has classes that will fit into any persons day and is constantly expanding.  At Precision MMA Lagrange, New York we pride ourselves on offering a great martial arts experience.  Part of that is keeping the facility clean and ready for training.  Precision MMA Lagrange, New York is always spotless and we will always focus on keeping it hygienically sound. 

Come into Precision MMA Lagrange, New York and experience the best gym the Hudson Valley has to offer.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at precisionmma@gmail.com or go to learntograpple.org/pmma

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