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Precision Mixed Martial Arts is Poughkeepsie’s first true mixed martial arts gym.  Precision MMA is the only gym in Poughkeepsie with a professional Mixed Martial Arts champion and the first Poughkeepsie MMA gym to feature a fighter in UFC competition.  Precision MMA has produced more professional and amateur fighters than any other Poughkeepsie MMA gym.

 Mixed martial arts evolved from the Brazilian tradition of “vale tudo” which translates to “anything goes”.  The idea was to create a competition that was as close to a real fight as possible in order to evaluate what techniques and strategies were effective and which were not.

Originally, mixed martial arts had very few rules and no weight classes or time limits.  As the sport evolved and athletic commissions began sanctioning competitions, safety standards were put in place alongside weight classes, rounds and a structured scoring system.  These changes have allowed the competition to grow by attracting top talent in martial arts across the globe.

Mixed martial arts is made up of specialists in the world’s most effective martial arts.  Generally, these competitors are group into one of two groups – grapplers and strikers.  Grapplers include submission experts from Judo, submission grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as well as wrestlers from freestyle, Greco Roman and folkstyle.  Grapplers aim to take the fight to the ground where they can utilize a mixture of pinning and “ground and pound” (strikes on the ground from dominant positions). Conversely, strikers aim to keep the fight standing where they can combine boxing, muay thai, karate and kickboxing techniques.   These fighters use grappling to avoid the ground and focus their attack on punches, knees, kicks and elbows to inflict damage and work towards a knock out.

Precision MMA is a unique Poughkeepsie mixed martial arts gym because it boasts experts from all ranges of MMA.  For grappling they have elite black belts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo along with Division 1 wrestling experts in freestyle, folkstyle and Greco roman wrestling.  Poughkeepsie students get more than just grappling at Precision MMA.  Striking experts are on staff including Golden Gloves champion boxing coaches and muay thai champion kickboxing instructors.

If you’re a Poughkeepsie resident looking to learn elite mixed martial arts pick up the phone and call Precision MMA at 845-392-8495 to get started on your 30 Day FREE Trial.


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