Apr 152013

12076823-precision-frontPrecision Mixed Martial Arts prides itself on being an authentic mixed martial arts gym.  What exactly does that entail though?  It does not mean that we focus solely on competitive MMA.  Unfortunately, even many successful mixed martial arts gyms develop a style that is a sort of “Cliff Notes” version of the various martial arts disciplines.  They do not attempt to learn philosophies, strategies, nuances and essence of each individual art – but rather boil them down to a handful of techniques that allow them to be effective for competition.

Precision MMA takes a completely different approach.   Rather than jack-of-all-trade instructors we have specialists with intimate knowledge of each particular range of combat.  As a result our students walk away with a full understanding of the arts they choose to study.  This also allows students the option to keep their training as focused or broad as they see fit without sacrificing the core essentials of the martial arts. 

This diverse blending under one roof allows Precision MMA students to achieve results many would consider impossible for an MMA academy.  This past weekend Precision MMA student Pat Daka won the New York State Golden Gloves – the most sought after amateur boxing tournament in the region.  All of the opponents Pat defeated came from pure boxing gyms.  These competitors were at facilities that were fully and entirely devoted to the art of boxing. However, Precision MMA fighters were able to defeat them because we do not cut corners in our boxing program.  Our coaches have over 50 combined boxing matches and trained along side some of the top boxers in the region.  Our facility has all essential ementies of a world class boxing gym – including a full sized boxing ring, jump ropes, heavy bags, uppercut bags, double-end and maze bags.  The only major difference is the boxing training reflects the martial arts attitude of discipline, respect and order rather than the informal rough and tumble nature of many urban boxing gyms.

The same weekend in which Pat was crowned golden gloves champion Precision student Hassan Kahn took home victories at a traditional Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition.  Earning victories both with and without the kimono, Hassan showed that Precision MMA’s Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program is complete and despite being a mixed martial arts academy can defeat opponents from BJJ exclusive academies. 

Our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu program does not simply include the must have elements of the art, it improves upon them.  By bringing in Judo black belts and accomplished scholastic and Greco-Roman wrestlers Precision’s BJJ program adds diversity to its training techniques and methodologies. 

The coming weeks will be busy ones at Precision as head coach Brian McLaughlin makes final preparations with UFC fighter Jim Miller as he prepares to fight Pat Healy.  Brian was hand-picked by Miller to help him improve his style of non-stop submission and striking attacks.

Precision MMA is the choice of UFC fighters, golden gloves champions and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu medalists – a true mixed martial arts gym that combines diversity with specialization.  Check them out for 30 days FREE call 845-392-8495 or visit http://bjjfighter.com


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