Jul 232015
Why MMA Helps Kids’ Performance With Other Sports Martial arts is a good activity to start up for many reasons. If your child plays other sports, it is a good idea to take them up on martial arts. Martial arts has many benefits that will carry through with other sports.

Focus and listening- During our program, the children learn how to pay attention and focus on the task they have to complete. At this age, their attention span is small, so it is important that we work on improving their listening skills and paying attention to instructors.
Teamwork- Your child will learn how to work and cooperate with others, which improves their social skills as well. In our programs, each child has a partner, so they’re always working with others. This is important when involved in a team sport.


Coordination- While learning martial arts, children’s coordination improves along with their motor skills. This will improve your child’s health overall, and physical coordination that is important for all sports. All the martial arts classes we offer involve having coordination and good motor skills, so those things will improve as they continue on.

Confidence- Many people say confidence is key. Confidence is a belief a person has about their ability to execute a specific task successfully. When training MMA, you gain confidence in yourself which is important to have in any sport. Once you have confidence, your overall performance improves because you believe that you’re able to accomplish something. In our program, there is a promotion system where the children get promoted to a higher rank belt if the instructor and parent believes he or she is ready. This gives the child confidence knowing he or she has accomplished something. This confidence they gained will appear in their performance with other sports as well.

confidentIf you want to get your child started with MMA, contact us at lagrangemartialarts.com or (845)-392-8495.

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