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Precision MMA Lagrange, New York

Precision MMA Lagrange, New York is the best mixed martial arts gym in the area.  Precision has the best staff, equipment and facilities in the area.  If you have dreams of being an MMA fighter then you need to check out Precision MMA.  Precision MMA Lagrange, New York is your best option for training at any level, from beginner and all the way up to the upper professional echelons of the sport.
Precision MMA Lagrange, New York

Precision MMA Lagrange, New York

Precision MMA Lagrange, New York has classes in all the disciplines necessary to get into MMA.  Boxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian  Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and wrestling are all taught by our knowledgeable staff.  All of the instructors have years of experience in their arts and many have trained in other arts so they can teach lessons that apply in many areas.  Our staff is headed by Brian McLaughlin who is a veteran Mixed Martial Artist who trains with and instructs professional fighters every week.  This keeps Brian involved with the latest developments that are coming out in the Mixed Martial Arts world.  Many of his students who have learned under him now are achieving their goals of fighting professionally.  Some more established fighters have sought out Brian to train them for high level competition including UFC fights.  In addition to this Precision MMA Lagrange, New York also brings in renowned Mixed Martial Artists to teach seminars and classes.  This influx of learning and techniques consistently adds to the depth of teaching experience available to you at Precision MMA Lagrange, New York.

Precision MMA Lagrange, New York has an amazing facility.  We have tons of bags and mitts to hit, crash pads, a locker room, shower, a sitting area for parents or friends and a full sized boxing ring.  We have the most mat space of any local gym.  This blend of size and equipment allows Precision MMA Lagrange, New York to hold so many classes.  The schedule has classes that will fit into any persons day and is constantly expanding.  At Precision MMA Lagrange, New York we pride ourselves on offering a great martial arts experience.  Part of that is keeping the facility clean and ready for training.  Precision MMA Lagrange, New York is always spotless and we will always focus on keeping it hygienically sound. 

Come into Precision MMA Lagrange, New York and experience the best gym the Hudson Valley has to offer.  Give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at or go to
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Lagrange Martial Arts

Lagrange Martial Arts is the premier children’s self-defense school in the Hudson valley.  Lagrange Martial Arts gives your child the technique and confidence to defend themselves against larger and more physically developed opponents.  Bullying has become a huge concern for parents.  The effects of bullying on a child can be devastating.  Lagrange Martial Arts will make your child immune to bullying.  With the help of Lagrange Martial Arts your child will become a bully’s worst nightmare. 

Lagrange Martial Arts

Bullying and the consequences of bullying are detrimental to the mental and even physical health of a child.  Bullying and it’s effects have come under immense scrutiny.   As more and more studies are released the grim consequences of bullying are becoming more and more apparent.  Schools and parents are looking for new ways to combat bullying.  Lagrange Martial Arts will help on two fronts.  The training will make your child more assertive and confident.  Lagrange Martial Arts provides a place where your child can feel safe and secure and learn under instructors that are aware of the dangers of bullying.  This new found confidence will make your child an unlikely target for a bully.

The second way Lagrange Martial Arts will help your child fight off bullying is through learning self-defense techniques that work against any bully.  It is unfortunate that a child should have to defend themselves against anyone, let alone another child.  Many schools have not responded to this crisis swiftly enough or with enough resources.  The parents of a bully are often turning a blind eye to their child’s disturbing behavior and will insist it is “just a phase” or that it is “boys being boys.  These cliches are frustrating and archaic, but they can have very real consequences for children growing up in these environment.   If your child is forced into this situation Lagrange Martial Arts will prepare them for the confrontation.  Lagrange Martial Arts offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training.  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the only martial art designed to help a smaller or weaker person against a larger and stronger aggressor.  Your child will be able to defend themselves without having to resort to injuring the bully.  Your child will be able to put a definitive end to the bullying without coming to harm or letting the bully come to serious harm. 

Bullying can become a thing of the past for your child.  Give us call at 845-392-8495, email us at or go to


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