Feb 082013

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Poughkeepsie MMA

Poughkeepsie MMA

First we had Mike “Pantene” Piekarski step into the ring in his professional MMA debut.  After five amateur fights and a laundry list of grappling and muay thai wins Pantene was ready for the big time.  His opponent was Eric Moore, a well-rounded prospect who was unbeaten in the sport.  The fight went down as the co-main event at Xtreme Caged Combat in Philadelphia, PA.  After three back and for the rounds the fight went to the judges score card and Mike got his hand raised! 

The next fighter to step into the cage for Precision MMA was Brian Barry.  After tasting victory in amateur wrestling and Jiu-Jitsu competition Brian entered the cage at the Mid Hudson Civic Center for a muay thai bout.  His opponent was game and used a strong jab and head kicks to try and keep Brian at bay.  However, Brian’s intensity and conditioning were the difference, allowing him to get inside and punish his opponent en route to a decision victory!

That same day Precision MMA competitors took to the mats at Grapplers Quest in New Jersey. Hassan Kahn took home a gold medal while Erik Dziuk earned a bronze medal after some outstanding submissions.  Chris Stanley put for a strong effort but fell short on points in his first match.  

I am very proud of all the Precision MMA competitors who showed heart and skill in both their preparation and performances.  The hard work has been paying off!  The unique thing about Precision is the variety of disciplines in which we have excelled.  Very few schools can boast wins in grappling, muay thai and mixed martial arts all in the same month – great job guys!

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