Nov 142012

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School is the place to start your Martial Arts journey.  Whether it is learning self-defense, cultivating important life skills, getting into shape or just simply learning a Martial Art.  Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School is ideal for those seeking a place where the teachers are qualified and friendly and really encourage your growth as a martial artist.  The facilities are spacious and immaculate.  Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School will help you with your Martial Arts goals.

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School offers a wide array of classes.  We are a school that meets the needs of it’s students.  That includes the schedule. Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School is open seven days a week.  We can fit into your schedule without any difficulty.  Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School offers classes in Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts.  All the classes in these highly effective arts are taught by a knowledgeable and professional staff.  Every student gets the personal attention that is necessary for progress.  Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School has staff that have competed against and beaten some of the best combatants in their fields. 

At 5000 square feet, Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School is the biggest school in Dutchess County.  We have a full sized boxing ring, a locker room and tons of mat space.  We keep the facilities spotless.  Everyday Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School is open is a chance to learn in the safe and friendly environment provided.  We strive to offer the best facility in every way to our students.  

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts School  is offering a FREE 30 day trial and private lesson.  Call us at 845-392-8495, email us at or click here. 

Nov 052012

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts is a place of learning.  At Poughkeepsie Martial Arts self-defense, discipline and self-confidence are instilled in the students daily.  Many martial arts promise these results,  but Poughkeepsie Martial Arts delivers.  The hard to find blend of qualified instructor and great teacher is commonplace at Poughkeepsie Martial Arts.  At Poughkeepsie Martial Arts we offer a wide array of  classes 7 days a week.  Our schedule here at Poughkeepsie Martial Arts will fit any schedule.

Poughkeepsie Mixed Martial Arts Training

Poughkeepsie Mixed Martial Arts Training

Poughkeepsie Martial Arts delivers on the promise of so many Martial Arts programs.  Poughkeepsie Martial Arts gives it’s students a chance to develop discipline, self-confidence and self-defense.  Discipline comes from setting goals and achieving them.  At Poughkeepsie Martial Arts setting goals is something we encourage in all our students.  Many of the Martial Arts are naturally inclined towards setting goals, so you will gain this essential habit without even noticing.  Self-confidence comes from the achievements that is a by-product of your success’ on the mat.  Whether it be a short term goal like mastering a new technique that you just learned or you earn a belt promotion or you start competing, self-confidence will not be in short supply.  Self-defense is an area that Poughkeepsie Martial Arts spends a lot of time on.  We can show you how to defend yourself no matter where a fight may go.  Poughkeepsie Martial Arts has a great staff that is knowledgable in many areas.  We have Blackbelts in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Judo, college level wrestlers, Muay Thai fighters, golden gloves boxing champs and professional MMA fighters teaching classes at Poughkeepsie Martial Arts.  All of these instructors bring years of valuable teaching experience, in addition to there time spent in there respective arts.  Our staff will be there to help any student from  someone just starting out, to a more seasoned Martial Artist.  Poughkeepsie Martial Arts offers classes seven days a week.  We feel that it is important to offer this many classes to accommodate people’s schedules, rather than people having to adjust for Poughkeepsie Martial Arts schedule.  There is no reason Poughkeepsie Martial Arts should be unavailible to you.  Poughkeepsie Martial Arts can be worked into any schedule. At Poughkeepsie Martial Arts we are constantly adding classes and listening to the input of our students and their needs. 

Come down to
Precision Mixed Martial arts and try our FREE 30 day trial.  Call us at 845-392-8495, email us at or click here.

Nov 012012
Poughkeepsie Krav Maga is one of the most widely known self-defense systems on earth.  It is the self-defense system used by the Israeli army.  Mixed Martial Arts is one of the most popular sports around.  Mixed Martial Arts is not considered by some to be an effective means for self-defense.  It is sometimes viewed as making to many concessions to sport and popularity.  The idea that Mixed Martial Arts can’t be used in a self-defense scenario couldn’t be further from the truth.
Poughkeepsie Krav Maga

Poughkeepsie Krav Maga

Poughkeepsie Krav Maga is used by the Israeli army.  The U.S Marines use Wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in there training.  These Martial Arts are the backbone of Mixed Martial Arts.  Most fighters come from one of these backgrounds.  Many of the individual arts in Mixed Martial Arts are amazing for the purposes of self-defense.  Blending them all together without watering them all down.  The whole becomes greater than just the sum of its parts. 

Poughkeepsie Krav Maga offers realistic training scenarios.  A big knock on Mixed Martial Arts is that the training and fights are not like real fights.  No one could train and fight with absolutely no rules.  The injuries would mount too fast to learn and gain any traction.  MMA has certainly made rules to promote both safety and popularity, but to suggest that it isn’t a realistic fight isn’t exactly true.  The way the fights are scored and won are based on securing positions on the feet and the ground.  The real key to self-defense is that you take the fight where you want to and stay there and do what you need to do. 

So if you want to get serious about self-defense give us a call at 845-392-8495, email us at or just click here.  We have a FREE 30 day trial waiting for you.

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